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Same-Day Crowns in Thunder Bay, ON - ABA Dental Clinic 

Dental decay and broken teeth make it hard to bite and chew and can also prove to be damaging to your overall oral health. Dental crowns provide a way to protect teeth and improve the way your smile looks. At ABA Dental Clinic, we provide patients with the benefits of one-visit dental crowns in Thunder Bay to restore smiles in an efficient manner. 

Why Choose Same-Day Crowns over Lab Crowns?

Crowns produced with CAD/CAM technology in our office are not all that different from lab-made crowns. The digital technology offered by CAD/CAM allows us to bring the dental lab to you, in a way that is convenient for your treatment experience. Patients generally choose same-day dental crowns for the following reasons:

Faster Turn-Around Time – Speed of fabrication is the most compelling reason to choose one-visit dental crowns. While submitting crowns to a dental lab for completion may take several weeks, CAD/CAM can help plan your treatment, design your crown, and create it from a block of ceramic in just an hour.Same-Day Crowns in Thunder Bay, ON

Comfort – Traditional processes for getting a dental crown mean that patients have to deal with messy impression trays. These trays can also prove to be problematic for patients with sensitive gag reflexes. CAD/CAM dental crowns, however, utilize 3D scans of your smile, so that patients do not have to deal with bulky trays and messy impression paste.

Predictability and Customization – By using CAD/CAM dental crowns, our Thunder Bay dentists can limit the number of people who will be working on your treatment, helping to minimize any complications from information being lost in translation. There are no lab technicians or sometimes inaccurate impression trays to stand in the way of a dental crown that fits comfortably and looks natural. Because Drs. Mao and Lau have more control over the entire process, we can ensure that your restoration meets your needs and can be incorporated seamlessly into your smile. Should anything need to be altered on your dental crowns, we can take care of that immediately, for on-the-spot customization.

Our digital processes for creating custom dental crowns help to eliminate the guess work that can go into traditional restorative processes. With CAD/CAM technology, ABA Dental Clinic can also create dental crowns for implants in just one office visit.

One-Visit Dental Crowns in Thunder Bay, ON

Drs. Lau and Mao utilize a special 3D scanner to take precise pictures of your smile before creating your new dental crown. That information is then sent to software that allows us to create your permanent crown digitally and make sure that it is designed to fit securely and provide lasting results. Our same-day crowns allow patients to benefit from minimized treatment times and prevent the need for temporary restorations or additional local anesthetic injections at secondary appointments.

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If you have a damaged tooth in need of restoration, contact Drs. Mao and Lau today for more information about how our Thundery Bay dental office can restore your smile in just one appointment.

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