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Thunder Bay Cosmetic Dentistry provides Natural Cosmetic Dental Services 

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Achieving a more beautiful smile is possible with cosmetic dental services in Thunder Bay from ABA Dental Clinic. With the help of Drs. Mao and Lau, your smile can be free of common flaws, such as stained enamel, tooth decay, and even missing teeth. Cosmetic dental services help patients enjoy smiles that look and feel healthier.Cosmetic Dentistry in Thunder Bay, ON ABA Dental Clinic

Creating Whiter Smiles

Teeth that have been discolored over the years can be brightened with our in-office teeth bleaching solutions. After only one dental visit, and in 45 minutes, your smile can be three shades brighter, on average. In-office bleaching with Boost whitening at ABA Dental Clinic is gentle on teeth and does not produce the kind of post-treatment sensitivity that other methods of teeth whitening may create.

New patients to our office can take advantage of teeth bleaching promotions to help their smiles look whiter as soon as possible.

Replacing and Restoring Damaged Teeth with Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental treatments are focused on helping your smile look more attractive, but many times this goal can cross over into restorative dentistry, where teeth that are visibly decayed or are missing entirely can be renewed to offer better health, function, and appearance.

For patients with fractured teeth or tooth decay, we offer same-day dental crowns with CAD/CAM technology.  Made from strong and beautiful lithium disilicate, e.max® crowns look more like your natural teeth and provide highly improved strength for those who habitually grind their teeth. Instead of only covering teeth, like a veneer might, our cosmetic and functional dental crowns can improve both strength and aesthetic. If patients have severely damaged teeth that cannot be restored with crowns, our office also provides cosmetically appealing dental implants to replace extracted teeth.

Natural-Looking Cosmetic Dental Care

Metal amalgam has long been used in dental treatments to help reinforce treated teeth and prosthetics, but metal tends to age poorly and does not look like natural dental enamel. Instead of using metal-based crowns to treat tooth decay, which can reveal a black line at the gums over time, we offer all tooth-colored materials. When it comes to treating smaller spots of decay, Drs. Mao and Lau use white composite resin, instead of silver metal.

Thunder Bay, ON Cosmetic Dental Care - ABA Dental ClinicABA Dental Clinic is proud to be an amalgam-free office that supports the most natural looking cosmetic restorations possible with tooth-colored and seamless prosthetics.

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