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Family Dentistry in Thunder Bay, ON

Families should have dental care that addresses their age-specific oral health needs. Our Thunder Bay dentists, Dr. James Mao and Dr. Sharon Lau, have experience in treating patients of every age. With a commitment to efficient and precise care, our patients are given the attention they require and then return to their daily activities. ABA Dental Clinic provides dental services to young children, teens, adults, and seniors, with our goal being the preservation and improvement of every patient’s smile.

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Preventive Care for Families

When patients visit for their first time, we perform an examination to inspect each aspect of their smile. Our dentists will determine the health of teeth, gums, and the overall stability of oral structures. We then recommend procedures for addressing any existing concerns and develop a health record to keep track of potential issues. We hope to prevent significant damage to patient’s smiles over time, utilizing modern materials to preserve the natural structure and function of teeth.

This preventive approach only works with patient involvement, however, so we instruct patients in the proper care of their teeth and on their nutrition. Our educational focus helps patients of all ages understand the importance of their oral wellness, and equips them with practical solutions to keep their teeth healthy and bright. With follow-up visits every three months, we can interrupt developing health problems with dental care.

Children & Teens

It’s crucial for children and teens to develop consistent hygiene habits, and to receive regular oral health care. Without it, their smiles can develop issues early on, which affects the standing of their lifelong dental health. These younger patients can obtain a range of treatments to protect their teeth, including the following:

  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Sealants
  • Sports Guards
  • Tooth-coloured Fillings

Around age six is the right time for an initial orthodontic exam, and in the case we find occlusal issues, we provide interceptive care. When your child is ready for traditional orthodontics, we will develop a plan to properly align their teeth and bite with full orthodontic care.

Adults and Seniors

Older patients require dedicated restorative dental care in order to preserve their oral health and function. Drs. Mao and Lau have experience with root canal therapy, removing infected tissue and repairing a tooth with custom-made crowns.

Those missing teeth can obtain dental implant treatment or traditional appliances, such as dentures. In the case a restoration has been damaged or worn, we will replace it with a new and aesthetically improved one. Those in need of dentures can receive them in fewer visits due to our AvaDent® digital dentures system. We also reline and re-adjust dentures to support lasting comfort.

Consider ABA Dental Clinic for your Family’s Care in Thunder Bay

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