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6/11/2016 12:00:00 PM | Anonymous

Dentures themselves can present issues with function and stability, depending on whether you have upper or lower arch prosthesis, or both. While upper-arch removable dentures are typically well tolerated, lower arch dentures can create functional issues that make them hard to wear, such as:

Loss of Stability - Because there is less surface area on the lower jaw arch for dentures to suction or adhere to, it’s common that these lower arch teeth replacements can pop out of place throughout the day. While upper dentures are more likely to remain in place by holding to the palate or roof of the mouth, lower dentures cannot do the same.

Rubbing and Slipping - Once out of place, a loose lower denture tends to float and can rub against and irritate soft tissue. Not only is this problem an annoyance, but gum irritation is uncomfortable and can cause tissue depletion, which is damaging for your overall health as well. With loss of soft tissue, dentures will also need to be repeatedly re-sized.

Biting and Chewing Problems - You need two strong arches of teeth in order to properly bite into and chew food. With a problematic lower denture, it becomes almost impossible to eat and digest a balanced diet of nutritional foods.

Solving Dentures Problems with as Few as Two Implants

In many cases, the best way to stabilize a loose and irritating lower denture is with dental implants. Depending on your needs, budget, and goals, the number of implants needed could be as few as two, with your lower denture snapping on to these anchors or fence posts that securely hold your denture in place all day. For patients who prefer fixed dentures that cannot snap on and off, utilizing just four implants create a permanent arch of prosthetic teeth.

For many patients who have undergone repeated denture sizing and replacement over the years to obtain a more comfortable and stable prosthetic, implants provide a solution to loose dentures and can end the cycle or repeated problems with removable dental appliances.

Contact ABA Dental today for more information about options for securing lower dentures with dental implants in Thunder Bay, ON.

5/27/2016 12:00:00 PM | Anonymous

The word root canal alone is enough to make most dental patients nervous, but this important dental procedure is clouded by misconception. Patients see root canals as an inconvenience, but the truth is that they are highly vital in the fight to help patients keep their natural teeth and prevent the progression of damage caused by dental infection.

Because we understand that root canals can be intimidating, we’re here to dispel common misinformation with the following truths about root canal therapy:

Treatment is More Comfortable than you Expect

Root canals are recommended to reverse the effects of a tooth infection. Many patients don’t realize that the pain of a tooth infection far outweighs the often-discussed and so-called discomfort of a root canal. It’s also important to note that, by the time teeth have become so affected that a root canal is necessary, the nerves and tissue inside teeth (called the pulp) are “dead” -- performing a root canal therefore does not affect live nerves that trigger pain. With the addition of a local anesthetic, root canal therapy is a more painless experience than patients give it credit for.

Broken Teeth May Require Root Canal Therapy

Dental pain caused by a tooth infection can lead patients into a dental office ASAP for care, but many patients may not think they need immediate attention for a chipped or cracked tooth. However, if damage to a tooth was moderate enough, it’s possible that bacteria are given access to inner systems of teeth, which is what causes a tooth infection. Patients who do not seek dental treatment for an injury to teeth may notice their tooth begin to look gray or darkened over time, which is the sign of deadened pulp.

Get a Root Canal -- Keep your Teeth

Without a root canal, bacteria that cause dental infections can continue to move through the root systems of teeth, damaging it beyond repair and even affecting bone beyond the roots of teeth. While this is a worst-case scenario, damaged teeth that are not treated in time can require extraction. When teeth are treated with a root canal as soon as possible, harmful bacteria can be removed, and your tooth can be protected and restored with a crown, so it can remain a part of your smile.

Questions about Root Canals? Contact our Thunder Bay Dentist

Our dentists, Drs. Mao and Lau, are here to address any questions or concerns you may have about root canal therapy. Contact ABA Dental Clinic to learn more about this procedure.

5/13/2016 12:00:00 PM | Anonymous

The way your dentist plans your treatment is an important part of final outcomes. While traditional dental equipment, such as X-ray imaging, can help your dentist pinpoint problem areas and carry out an appropriate procedure, advancements in technology have made diagnosing problems and completing care an even more streamlined and efficient process.

ABA Dental Clinic utilizes 3D CAD/CAM, or computer-aided design and milling, to scan your smile before treatment and plan how to meet your health need. This technology also allows our dentists to complete procedures in a way that produces improved oral health and aesthetics. 3D dentistry is most useful in the following treatment areas:

Implant Placement Surgery

Implant treatment success is closely tied to where and how implant posts are placed. When implants are embedded in areas of dense bone, it becomes easier for them to merge with tissue and act like real teeth. 3D imaging helps Drs. Mao and Lau find locations along your jaw arch where bone is most dense, placing implants in an area, and at an angle, that promotes longevity of treatment results. Placing dental implants without the precision of detailed imaging can be something of an educated guessing game, but these 3D treatment aids help create clear images from which our dentists can plan your procedure.

Chair-Side, One-Visit Crowns

With life-like 3D images of your smile used to plan treatment, Drs. Mao and Lau can also fabricate dental prosthetics in-office. The 3D technology integrates with specialized CAD/CAM software and equipment so that a machine can use the blueprint of a 3D modeled crown to mill your restoration out of a block of tooth-colored material. 3D treatment planning helps to create a comfortable and secure fit for your dental treatment and also allows our dental team to oversee all parts of the treatment process, from planning, to fabrication, and placement of your permanent restoration. This process also cuts down on the time patients have to wait to receive their prosthetic.

3D Dental Technology at ABA Dental Clinic

The precision, clarity, and convenience provided by 3D dental technology helps our Thunder Bay dentists provide patients with treatment that helps to improve health, function, and aesthetics. For more information on the benefits of 3D dental care at ABA Dental Clinic, contact our office today.

5/3/2016 12:00:00 PM | Anonymous

When it comes to treating teeth that have been compromised due to decay, cracks, chips, or accidental injury, patients have restorative treatment options. In many cases, the choice is between a dental crown or an onlay. While a dental crown is made to replace the majority of the top part of a damaged tooth, an onlay is like a puzzle piece that replaces only the decayed portions of teeth, which typically includes one of the outer walls of teeth.

At ABA Dental Clinic, we offer patients the benefit of sturdy, in-office dental crowns. In contrast with onlays, dental crowns provide:

Strength and Longevity

Your teeth should be cared for in a way that allows them to last as long as possible, preventing or delaying the need for extraction. While onlays replace only the decayed parts of teeth, in the event of severe damage, dental crowns may better help seal out decay and prevent the spread of bad bacteria to other healthy teeth. Because adding a crown requires that much of your natural tooth structure above the gum line be buffed down to accommodate the prosthetic, crowns are a good choice when that dental enamel cannot and should not be left untreated. 

Utilizing a full coverage restoration provides the most benefit for protecting remaining natural tooth structure. Dental crowns help to stop the spread of severe decay with a dental crown helps to restore function and aesthetics and protects the structure of teeth below the gum line, which can also be damaged by bacteria if not treated properly.

Same-Day Crowns with 3D Scanning and Milling

Depending on the extent of damage to affected teeth in your smile, our Thunder Bay dental office can provide tooth-colored dental crowns with CAD/CAM technology. After going over your options for care, and our recommendations to protect the health of your smile in the long run, we can create your new dental crown in just one office visit.

For more information on whether a crown would be most suitable for your needs, contact ABA Dental Clinic to speak to a member of our team.

4/18/2016 12:00:00 PM | Anonymous

Extraction is a sometimes necessary dental procedure for teeth that are severely decayed or are infected. Teeth are extracted when they cannot be restored and preserved, as removal helps to prevent bacteria and decay from spreading to other teeth, but it can also create secondary health issues that require attention.

Some patients who have teeth extracted choose to forego dental prosthetics, especially if the tooth wasn’t in a position that affected their ability to bite and chew. However, untreated tooth loss can cause:

Changes in Facial Profile – As you age, facial tissue and bone change. This process is often sped up when natural teeth are missing and cannot provide the same shape and structure to upper lips. When teeth are missing for long stretches of time, bone can begin to shrink, which also changes the shape of your face.

Bone Recession – Natural tooth roots stimulate bone, which helps it to stay dense and healthy. As mentioned above, lack of natural teeth for prolonged periods deplete the amount of jaw bone stimulation, causing bone volume to shrink.

Lack of Support for Teeth and Tissue – In the event that all teeth are removed in an arch, patients may notice a sunken-in look, as teeth provide support and shape for the lips and mouth. This can be particularly damaging for younger patients, who look old beyond their years in the event that many of their permanent teeth need to be extracted.

While these health issues are intimidating, they can be corrected with proper dental attention and the right restorations.

Correcting Tooth Loss – Finding Prosthetics that Fit

Part of making sure that your smile looks natural when correcting tooth loss, and that you are able to enjoy lasting oral health, is to ensure that you receive dental prosthetics that fit well and feel natural. ABA Dental Clinic helps patients correct tooth loss and prevent facial collapse and bone resorption through dental implant placement and restoration in Thunder Bay. If you have questions, please contact our office for more details about implant dentistry.

4/4/2016 12:00:00 PM | Anonymous

When people think of sedation for dental visits, they usually imagine anxious adults who require medication to help feel relaxed enough to complete a dental appointment, or they believe sedation as being useful for only complex dental procedures. However, dental sedation is safe for younger patients as well and can be utilized to help shape dental experiences from an early age.
Sedation can be utilized in children’s dentistry in the following circumstances:

Promote Positive Patient Experience - Some patients find the dental office to be intimidating, whether they are naturally anxious about health care or they’ve had negative experiences at past dental appointments. Growing up with these fears can prevent patients from seeking dental care at all and can make every office visit a struggle for children. But with sedation, children know they can come into our office expecting to feel comfortable for their treatment.

Encourage Future Dental Visits - Patients who learn to trust their dentist early on feel confident and secure in visiting the dentist periodically for preventive treatment. Prevention is key to limiting the development of serious dental problems, such a tooth decay and gum disease. With sedation dentistry for children, we can help create an environment where young patients feel good about going back to the dental office for the care they need.

Ease Behavioral Issues or Comforts Patients with Special Needs - Sitting still in a dental chair for longer procedures is hard for many people, children especially. However, it’s important that patients are comfortable enough to relax during their appointment and allow dentists to effectively clean their teeth or perform more complex procedures. Children who find it hard to remain calm in a dental chair or for longer periods of time can benefit from the relaxation effects of sedation. This applies to children who routinely experience behavioral issues or who have special needs that make lying at-ease in a dental chair more difficult.

IV Sedation for Children at ABA Dental Clinic

Our dentists are licensed in the safe administration of IV sedation for children. IV sedation is not general anesthesia, so your child will not be unconscious during care. IV sedation delivers sedative medication in a way that is quick and effective and can also be precisely controlled and reversed in-office.

If your child has had bad experiences at the dental office or has special needs and could benefit from the use of sedation dentistry at their next appointment, please call our office for more information about children's’ sedation dentistry in Thunder Bay.

12/15/2015 9:48:00 AM | Anonymous

We're excited to announce the official launch of our ABA Dental Clinic blog.

We'll be posting helpful dental tips, news from the dental industry, news from our practice, and more about the latest in dentistry.

We built our practice on the notion that we're there for our patients when they need us and we want our online presence to be a reflection of that principle. We hope this blog provides an extra level of service to our current and future patients.

If you would like to stay up to date on the latest from ABA Dental Clinic, simply click the RSS “Subscribe to feed” link located on our website and subscribe. Our subscribers will be updated when we make a new blog post.

Here's to your best oral health ever!

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