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Thunder Bay Root Canal Therapy, ABA Dental Clinic

If you have an infected or fractured tooth, you understand how uncomfortable this dental condition can be. With root canal therapy, however, patients with severely damaged teeth can enjoy a comfortable smile that is healthier and looks more attractive. At ABA Dental Clinic, we are committed to helping patients enjoy better oral health through root canal therapy in Thunder Bay, ON.

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How Root Canals Preserve your Oral Health

Root canals often have a reputation as being uncomfortable dental procedures, but the truth is that root canals relieve the pain that infected teeth cause and prevent the complications that come with neglecting care. Without root canal therapy, infected teeth -- or teeth that have been fractured and allowed bacteria to enter inner tooth systems – can cause bacteria and decay to spread. In the end, untreated, damaged teeth that cannot be saved require extraction, which creates secondary health issues.

With a root canal, however, it’s possible to save your teeth and prevent the need for extraction. Root canals help to clean inner systems of teeth and remove bacteria or damaged nerves and tissue, so the outer structure of your tooth can be preserved.

Same-Day Root Canals and Crowns in Thunder Bay

At ABA Dental Clinic, we provide tooth-saving root canal therapy in as little as one dental appointment. During your root canal procedure, Dr. Mao and Dr. Lau will take the following steps:

Accessing Infected Dentin – A small access point is created in dental enamel, so that our dentists can access damaged nerves and tissue located inside affected teeth.

Cleaning Teeth – Successful root canal treatment requires that root systems be thoroughly cleaned to remove signs of infection and bacteria.

Restoring your Smile – After your tooth has been cleaned and filling with as special material called gutta percha, your smile will be restored to full strength and aesthetics with a tooth-colored dental crown.

If infected and damaged teeth are making you uncomfortable, contact our office immediately for care. Drs. Mao and Lau make every effort to see patients as soon as possible to provide treatment that alleviates pain. With CAD/CAM dentistry, we can even create your dental crown in-office while you wait. While this process can typically take two weeks, our 3D scanning and milling technology makes it possible to obtain a same-day dental crown to finish your root canal procedure.

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If you have a painful tooth and are in need of dental attention, contact ABA Dental Clinic for more information and same-day root canals in Thunder Bay.

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