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Teeth Extraction in Thunder Bay at ABA Dental Clinic

Extracting teeth is an occasionally necessary measure in an effort to keep your smile healthy and prevent damage to other teeth. At ABA Dental Clinic, our Thunder Bay dentists offer teeth extraction, and replacements when needed, to keep your smile strong, functional, and to protect your oral health.

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Why Extract Teeth?

Most commonly, patients may need wisdom teeth extracted as these third molars begin to develop and move into place where there is no room for additional teeth. Removing wisdom teeth prevents other teeth from shifting to accommodate new molars and helps prevent gum disease and infection that can occur when wisdom teeth are stuck in soft tissue and or bone, called impaction.

In instances where permanent teeth have become decayed, however, and are jeopardizing the health of neighboring teeth, extraction can also be necessary. Removal of severely compromised or decayed teeth prevents the spread of decay to nearby teeth and allows our dentists to replace teeth with strong, functional, and attractive prosthetics.

Teeth Extraction in Thunder Bay at ABA Dental Clinic

Our dentists, Dr. Mao and Dr. Lao, can perform full dental extractions according to your needs, including single tooth extraction, removal of impacted teeth, and wisdom teeth extraction surgery with the relaxing benefits of IV sedation. We want to ensure that your experience at our office is a comfortable as possible.

Even in the instance that several or all of your natural teeth are severely decayed and require removal, our dental treatments include full-mouth extraction.

Replacing Extracted Teeth with Dental ImplantsTooth Extractions in Thunder Bay, ON, ABA Dental Clinic

For those patients who have had permanent teeth removed, ABA Dental Clinic is able to provide comprehensive dental implants solutions in Thunder Bay to restore the appearance and function of your smile. Our dental implant treatment options range from single implants to multiple implants for comprehensive restoration cases.

If all natural teeth in your smile have been extracted, we can provide same-day implant services which include the placement of implants posts in the same appointment as your teeth extraction. You can leave our office with new dental implants and a temporary, full-arch prosthesis, so you never have to be without a set of functional and attractive teeth.

Questions about Dental Extractions? Contact our Office!

If you have severely damaged teeth or have questions about wisdom teeth removal, contact our office today. Even if your teeth extraction and replacement needs are extensive, our Thunder Bay dental office can help. Call us today to schedule your next dental appointment.

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