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Sedation Dentistry in Thunder Bay, ON

Fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist is unfortunately common and prevents many patients from seeking out the care they need to keep their smiles healthy. Even routine visits for teeth cleanings can create feelings of anxiety for fearful dental patients. But with the help of IV sedation in Thunder Bay, ON at ABA Dental Clinic, we can help you feel comfortable during any dental procedure.

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Why Choose Intravenous Sedation?

Also called moderate conscious sedation, IV sedation involves the use of medication introduced intravenously, as opposed to orally for other forms of sedation. IV sedation allows for precise control of medication administered to produce the appropriate relaxation effect for your needs. While oral sedative medication comes in pre-set dosages, Dr. Mao can customize the amount of sedation needed throughout your procedure with the use of the IV.

Because IV sedation at our Thunder Bay dental office can be given with precise dosage control, it can also be tapered off, in-office. Patients who choose oral conscious (pill form) sedation may often feel groggy for several hours after their procedure, however Dr. Mao and Dr. Lau can more effectively lift the sedative effect of IV medication after your visit is complete. IV sedation works well for children 6 years of age and over and adults to help provide a relaxing dental experience. One of the most beneficial parts of IV sedation is that patients don’t remember their appointments; there are no sensory experiences that could trigger anxiety and your visit appears to take only minutes.

When is Sedation Necessary?

At ABA Dental Clinic, we provide sedation for minimal to lengthy dental appointments. With the predictable level of sedative created with IV sedation, we can control the relaxation effect to be compatible with however long your appointment will take. Whether you are anxious over a routine procedure, like a teeth cleaning or a filling, or you are scheduled for a longer, more complex treatment, dental sedation can work for you.

If you are an adult with dental anxiety who has been putting off going to the dentist, or you are seeking dental sedation and attention for a child who has difficulty sitting still in a dental chair, our IV sedation treatment can help. IV sedation helps your dental visit appear to pass in the blink of an eye and soothes anxieties for a positive experience.

Dedicated to your Safety During Dental Sedation

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We provide a safe and comfortable environment for IV sedation where your treatment needs can be met and you can enjoy a worry-free trip to the dentist. ABA Dental Clinic has registered nurses and certified dentists on staff to care for you during your dental sedation procedure. Both Dr. Lau and Mao are certified to provide IV dental sedation in Thunder Bay.

Learn more about Comfortable Dentistry with Sedation

Dental anxiety and fear can keep you from visiting the dentist for important oral health treatments, but it doesn’t have to. Our Thunder Bay dentists are trained and certified in IV sedation dentistry to help you feel relaxed during your visit our dental office. For more information about dental sedation, contact ABA Dental Clinic today for your consultation.

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